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Add Automation/Messaging Throttling

Jared Van Dykhuizen

A problem we consistently run into is being unable to manually throttle messages in automations easily. There are many times where we want to send an arbitrary number of messages at given intervals in order to preserve deliverability/domain reputation.

Instead of adding a single element to an automation to gatekeep Contacts and leave the rest down a separate path for later messaging, we end up having to do a complicated setup of grabbing users between specific date ranges in order to send to arbitrary numbers in specific intervals.

Doing so is incredibly clunky and time consuming. Can you guys create an element similar to Split but allow us to set a hard maximum of Contacts of either % or integer to send down one path and the rest down another without rejoining?

That would make our lives - and many others I'm sure - much easier when it comes to sending to large lists!

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Interesting idea. We don't have many people who need to do this beyond the initial IP warmup phase, which our postmaster team walks clients through, but something to think about. Not sure why you're doing this on the regular? 

Also, just to make sure you're aware of this trick: you can always segment a % of your list using a condition with 'Contact ID ends with'... and since it will always end with 0-9, you can create an easy 30 or 40% of your list by saying 'ends with 0,1,2 or 3 for example.

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