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Use calendar booking data in automations

Nicole Brors

Really need the calendar and booking forms to be integrated with automations so that emails can be triggered based on booking dates.

I want to have the simple task of sending reminder emails for a discovery call, while also having the calendar booking system on a page that's hosted on my website (not an ontraport page). 

This is only possible if you use the event template - which doesn't work if you host the form on your site (and I need to keep my URL structure for my discovery call page  b/c it's linked in too many places across the web).

And I don't want to use another system like calendly, the reason I'm on OP is not have to integrate systems together and keep all my data in one place.

So at this moment, there is no possible way for me to send reminder emails for discovery calls. 

Please integrate this ASAP!  

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