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Is Captcha broken on legacy Smart Forms?

Frank Hagan

None of my legacy Smart Forms are showing the Captcha any longer. What's up with that?


Official comment


In late January, 2018, Google deprecated the original Captcha used on legacy Smart Forms. In order to keep your opt-ins flowing through, we disabled the Captcha check on all existing forms. 

On January 30th we will release the new reCAPTCHA for legacy Smart Forms. 

For Smart Forms you hosted on the ONTRAPORT domains, such as "", we will automatically replace the old Captcha with the new reCAPTCHA.

However, we cannot do that for domains you host, such as your WordPress site or other landing page services. Because reCAPTCHA has to be registered for specific domains we cannot automatically enable reCAPTCHA in place of the old Captcha.

To enable reCAPTCHA on your legacy Smart Forms, you must:

  1. Create a reCAPTCHA account and configure it for all of the domains you use. When you do this, you should also add all the ONTRAPORT domains you may have used (we have a list of them in the instructions below). 
  2. Enter the reCAPTCHA keys into ONTRAPORT (instructions below). 
  3. Edit the legacy Smart Forms you used the old Captcha on and add the new reCAPTCHA.
  4. For forms you embedded using the HTML Version of the code, you must generate the HTML Version code again and re-embed.

If you do nothing, the forms will still collect opt ins but will not be "captcha protected".  ONTRAPORT has other ways you can combat "spam" form submissions in the article on List Bombing, and you may decide to employ those rather than complete the following steps.

To configure the new reCAPTCHA you can follow the instructions found within your account by clicking the profile icon at the top right, then clicking Administration > Security and the reCAPTCHA link.  Here are those instructions for your convenience:


Signing Up and Configuring reCAPTCHA

Go to Google reCAPTCHA and click the Get reCAPTCHA button at the upper right. Name the integration in the Label field. You will use a single reCAPTCHA configuration for all the forms you add it to in ONTRAPORT. Select reCAPTCHA V2 in the Register a new site dialog box. The dialog box will expand to allow you to enter all of the domains you will use reCAPTCHA on. In addition to your own domains add these ONTRAPORT domains if you plan to use them for ONTRApages:

You can return to add additional domains later. 

Check the box next to Accept the reCAPTCHA Terms of Service and Send alerts to owners, and click Register.

the reCAPTCHA configuration screen 

 Copy the Site Key and Secret Key to a text file for use later in ONTRAPORT

Adding Your reCAPTCHA Keys to ONTRAPORT

In ONTRAPORT, click the profile icon at the top right and select Administration. Click on the Security tab and the reCAPTCHA Settings.

Enter the Site Key and Secret Key numbers from reCAPTCHA in the appropriate spots, and click Saverecaptcha key entry in Administration > Security > reCAPTCHA

 Note: If you use the JavaScript versions of the form code to embed your forms, you only have to edit the legacy Smart Forms and add the reCAPTCHA element after completing the above configuration. The JavaScript versions will update with the new saved reCAPTCHA. If you used the HTML Version of the form code you will need to copy it from the Publish section and re-embed it on your web pages. 

Frank Hagan
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