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Ontaport- WooCommerce- Modern Tribe Events Calendar

Caspar Kennerdale


We have wordpress/ woocommerce website and we use the ModernTribe EVent Calendar/ Tickets plugins.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience in integrating these with Ontraport.


We would to do the following

- Create a campaign based on the date of purchase of the ticket in relation to the date of the event.

For example to send a set of emails 5 days before the event itself, 3 days and the day after the event

We purchased a plugin called wootraport which passes the Product ID and customer details and obviosuly the date of purchase BUT the event date is held in another post type (event tickets) and not passed in the woocommerce transaction.


- Secondly we would like to accept a deposit payment. We have a separate deposit plugin which handles that fine BUT the full price of the course (as specified in Ontraport) is recorded in Ontraport rather than the actual amount pad at point of purchase.

Hope thats clear.

Just wondering if anyone has has experience with this - or know someone who has. This may lead to some custom work I suspect.


Or if anyone has used a different set of plugins to resolve this issue - or perhaps using ontraport as the payment gateway on Wordpress.


Sorry I f I have tried to squeeze too much into question and any ideas gratefully received



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