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GDPR Compliance Deadline May 25, 2018

Michael Rogers

What do I need to know about GDPR compliance and Ontraport as the deadline for compliance is 5/25/18?  Are we ready?  Is there anything additional I need to do to ensure compliance on an international level?


Official comment


We are recommending that you contact an attorney or your local governing authority for assistance with what you must do to comply. Our understanding is that it is much more than just your interaction with ONTRAPORT.

For our part of it, you can go to the Legal Page and click on the "GDPR" link:

That section, and the section following, includes all of the information you need to show that ONTRAPORT is compliant as a data processor. Note the Privacy Shield link as well; ONTRAPORT is part of the Privacy Shield program for the EU and Switzerland, and you do not need any other document from us to make sure ONTRAPORT is compliant.



Frank Hagan

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After speaking with your attorney, you may have one or more recommendations for changing your order forms, opt in forms, emails, landing pages, etc. We have some brief "how to" tips in our ONTRAPORT and GDPR article to accomplish some of the things we have heard.

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