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SSL Certificates

Coralie Harless

In a support chat session today, I was told my pages would get SSL certificates very soon. But this is so vague. Under the topic Ssl for our domains for landing pages  I see that this has been going on since Dec 2017. 5 months is a long time so I am concerned that "very soon" may still be months away. Can someone PLEASE give me a better estimate for how long before I get HTTPS on my pages? 



Official comment


We started this process in February of 2018 and it is ongoing. We are currently looping through the tens of thousands of pages with our and similar domains we provide.

If you have a custom domain pointed to us using our name servers and for hosting landing pages I anticipate those will have SSL certificates applied by the end of July.

Frank Hagan

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Hi, are the custom domain pointed to using name servers and already having HTTPS enabled? We are not in October 2018 and would like to know if this is enabled or not

Ruben Aparicio-Hernandez 0 votes

Yes, you should be able to access the URL using the HTTPS protocol and see the security seal on the URL bar. 

We don't have an auto-redirect from HTTP to HTTPS in place yet but that is coming soon. In the meantime, just link to the HTTPS version and it will come up as a secure page with a valid SSL certificate.

Frank Hagan 0 votes