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Custom Smart Forms in Block on OntraPages

Amanda Akers

We have a smart form that is custom built with quite a few conditions that I built with Smart Forms because Ontraforms does not have the condition functionality. 

If I wanted that custom Smart form put into an Ontrapage to match that styling - how can I do that? I tried the javascript snippet but that didn't work. Is there a way to have my custom form  be an option to add a block on a page?


Official comment


You'd need to style the Smart Form in the Legacy Smart Form editor. If you're comfortable with CSS grab the HTML version of the Smart Form and modify the code. To get a Smart Form onto an ONTRApage, use a custom HTML block in your ONTRApage.

In the future, ONTRApages v3 will make building forms easier and a shortly after that we'll add redirect conditions too. 

Rochelle Yoshida

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