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Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Todd Nevins

We have an Ontraport popup appear on our website. This form is an $8 purchase for a sample that requires name and credit card information.

How do I send the conversion data back to Google Ads to track as a conversion action in Google Ads? 

Is it possible to send that data directly from Ontraport to AdWords or can I use Tag Manager to pass the data?

I'm trying to avoid a 3rd party tool like apiant or appypie.

Thank you.


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I believe that can all be done using Google Analytics.

See this article about Google Adwords conversion tracking:

The "conversion tracking tag" they talk about at the bottom half of that article would go on the thank you page for the purchase.If it's an ONTRAPORT landing page you could place the code in either the header or footer code sections (on the settings page for the landing page). 

Frank Hagan

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