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Your E book about systemising your business

Nola Welling


Sorry this is the wrong spot for this but the link said feature requests and feedback but I can't see a feedback option.

I just downloaded your ebook about systemising your business and business automation. In the second chapter there is a section that repeats itself, you have some typos in the header. 

To be honest it didn't really tell me anything much. I want to know how business automation can help me with my business systems and I'd love to see some real examples of that at work using ontraport. As a new user who knows nothing at all yet about Ontraport I want to see what it can do and be applied in ways I would not be aware of. I'm also confused as to how business automation can take over some parts of systems. In what way? You still need a live person to do the system. It did mention about online training and that is definitely an area that I can see could work. 

I'd love to see ways people are actually using ontraport to automate stuff in any area. Your ebook was a good idea but I think it's too vague, the first 2 parts are about benefits of a system, I know the benefits, I want to see creative ways people are doing it. I think that would actually help a new user and someone considering your software. It's all a bit waffly but it looks nice.


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Hi Nola,

Thanks for your comments about our ebook. I will make sure the information about the misprints gets to the right person on the team. 

We have a number of other resources available at ONTRAPORT Tools.

We try to provide information that will help any small business owner, even if they do not have an ONTRAPORT account, and many of our Guides are geared to that level. We also have more in-depth resources in our Marketing Blueprints

For systemizing, our own history with the process is covered in our CEO's blog posts at Closing the Gap and Systemize: Landon's Build a Better Business Guide. These are both introductions to the topic, but in the third part some systems are compared with more details on documenting processes. 

Because you have a good idea of what you need a guided demo of our system would benefit you. Our Business Solutions representatives aren't commissioned sales people, and it's a no pressure interaction. You can book a demo time by visiting


Frank Hagan

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