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Sending email messages to multiple countries

Nezir Gonenc


I am trying to build a campaign flow to reach our members from different countries. Although the messages are mentioning same thing, each message is translated for each country.  There are 6 countries that we need to reach.

What is the best way to build my flow in that case? Should I copy/modify flows for each country or is it manageable in one flow?

Thanks in advance.


Panel Analyst


Official comment


You can use a single Campaign with Conditions for each country. In the Condition you would use the "Field is this value" condition and select the Country field. If it is equal to the United States then have the English language email sent on the "Yes" path. On the "No" path add a condition for the second country ("Mexico") in my example here:

Depending on how often you do this you can employ other automation steps. If you are sending a monthly newsletter you can have this campaign, and just edit the Email elements for each month. 

Frank Hagan

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for your answer. Please see my current flow as follows. Each member will receive one type of message but depending on your profile, the message you receive will be different. 

Can I copy and carry the flow next to this and just change the first trigger settings and  the following messages? Will I have any issues?



Nezir Gonenc 0 votes

Yes, you can copy the entire Campaign path and then edit the elements, including the Trigger. Drag the Trigger to the grey plus sign next to it, and when it turns orange and expands, release the Trigger and select "Copy this item and all following items": 

Frank Hagan 1 vote