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Thank you page for Unsubscribe page



I understand that it is not possible for webmarketer customer of Ontraport to manage the Unsubscribe page because of RGPD compliance. 

But when our customer change their subscription there is just a refresh page and a small pop up to confim.. in english ! ( and it is not compliant with RGPD for other languages). 

I think it could be easy to improve this system : if you make us able to manage a THANK YOU PAGE after changement of subscription ( instead of refresh the page with pop up), we can confirm in the good language and we can also make our job => MARKETING ;-) !! We can ask them an interaction, explanation, we can suggest them something, we can apologize.. it would be so great !! 

Please to leave a comment.

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We do have some changes planned for updating both the Manage Your Subscription page and the unsubscribe footer at the bottom of email messages. Step one was just completed, a redesign of the Manage Your Subscriptions page. We'll keep this Feature Request open while we update the options over the next few weeks. Here's the announcement on our update yesterday:

When your email recipients click the “Manage Your Subscription” link at the bottom of your emails, they’ll see all the same unsubscribe options as before, but they’re wrapped in a fresh design that doesn’t include the Ontraport logo and is easier to read.

The page is also now mobile-responsive to function and look great on any device so your contacts can update their preferences on the go.


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