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Add a Billing Email to each Credit Card Entry

Michael Grace-Martin

We've got a number of contacts in our system who are only there because they're paying for someone else and they want an email copy of the receipts. They often unsubscribe from everything (i.e., setting themselves to a bulk email status of "transactional only") so they only receive receipts. So, they're really "dead weight" in terms of any marketing we do and are taking up slots that could be filled by actual customers interested in our services. Ontraport already allows entering credit cards that have a different billing name and address from the contact. How about including a billing email that is used only for purchase receipts/invoices against that credit card..?


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This would also resolve an issue we have with duplicates. We have several people who use one email address for their purchases, but want their regular emails, newsletters, and notificaitons to go to a different email address.  So, in essence, they are in our database twice. Having a billing email would allow us to keep everything in ONE contact record. 

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