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Adding a prefix to all assets when importing something from the marketplace

A Wentland

It would be nice if I could specify a prefix to be added to all assets that are imported from the marketplace. If I don't specify a prefix than the names would come in unchanged. I like to bring things in from the marketplace to test them or to see what's there, but when I have to delete them I have to look around for all of the things that may have been added. If I could add my own prefix I could search on that prefix and delete everything with it. If I want to keep the assets I would know which ones to rename. my latest example: I wanted to see what the immediate access membership campaign would look like. I started adding a prefix to all of the assets I could find so I can delete them later and test the drip membership campaign. After some renaming I ended up with 18 landing pages instead of the 11 identified in the description. I also couldn't figure out if some fields were added under settings. There were some with membership in the name, but I was trying to create a membership site last fall. This would also help if I wanted to import a campaign the second time to try something else. I may or may not want to have duplicates. If I added a prefix I would know which ones I just added. If I didn't add a prefix maybe I could use the existing assets and not add duplicates. I am not sure how this would work with the new proposed idea of "systems". Will a system identify and name all assets or will it just be a folder and there could be duplicate names?

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