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Location based auto-fill suggestions box

Sam Chau

Hello Staff @ Ontraport,


Much like what you see in Google Maps, Ontraport needs a location based auto-fill suggestions box, where users can begin typing their current location, and their city/town/country appear as an option for them to select.


This is a direct response to the imperfect geolocation tagging system that is currently used to populate the text-based "City" field which happens behind the scenes after the user submits a form.


The geolocation tagging system is great, when it works, but the front-line of capturing user-input should always be the auto-fill suggestions box. And if that doesn't work, default back to the geolocation tagging system.


Otherwise users of Ontraport will need to seek external integrations using 3rd party products, and APIs, which isn't a problem, but it does create a more round-about way of doing things, and would ultimately be of greater benefit to Ontraport if this auto-fill location system was part of the full package, included by default in Ontraport.




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