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Ask users opting-in if they're name already exists in the system

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Duplicates in the system seem to occur consistently as users opt-in with various email addresses, change their mailing addresses, or change any field information that differs from what already exists in the system. Is it possible for the system to look for that user's name combination in the system during the opt-in process and have a pop-up that asks "Is this you?" If the user selects "yes" they can then have the option of updating their information after confirming another piece of info in the system (ie what's your zip code, phone number, etc.) to avoid anyone from arbitrarily changing someone else's info.

Perhaps this, or something like it, can help to avoid the numerous duplicates that are added every time a campaign runs.

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We'll leave this open for more votes, although it would be hard to implement something like this without a lot of false positives interrupting your opt-in flow. 

While we see how much interest this generates, these tips might help for others that find this feature request via search.

OntraForms: OntraForms pre-fill the name and email fields if the contact filling out the form is cookied. The contact would have to overwrite the email address to enter a new one. 

Duplicate records with the same email address: These only happen if they are entered manually, or via the API (using the wrong API call to add the contact). The proper API call to make is "Add or Update" the contact (instead of just blindly using "Add Contact" as some scripts do). 

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