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Persistent OP navigation menu

David Kellam

The navigation menu should be persistent. If you're jumping around the app a lot, you end up pressing Back MULTIPLE times.

I have been using the OP Power User extension for years, but was recently advised to turn it off by support because it was interfering with the Save button in in-line record creation (e.g. in Contacts creating a related Company or Deal) - the save button would disappear.

I really don't understand how anyone can use the app without this extension. It's infuriating. I find myself re-typing or manually editing the URL if I'm not using it (but even that's hard as custom objects have unique IDs in the URL)

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Thanks for this. I wasn't aware the Power User's extension was no longer working correctly. We'll take a look at this.

I usually start my Ontraport session by opening multiple tabs for the main areas, Contacts, Campaigns, Sales and Pages. That's not a good plan if you are working in more than one account as too many tabs open can be a problem. 

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