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Easier conditions on Campaigns where conditions vary only by the value of a single field

David Kellam

I swear I've seen this before, so apologies but couldn't find in 5m of searching.

Instead of binary conditions (two choices) for Conditions on Campaigns, please allow more choices, even if the difference is just for different values of the same field.

e.g. Say I have a field with 5 possible values, I need 4 (or 5, to be clean) nested conditions, which takes up a lot of campaign space, and is prone to error, and hard to maintain. e.g.

On the other hand, if conditions could work like goals, it would look and function like this:
(Except in this instance the goal never fires, because the appropriate value is set before it hits the wait) - no, I don't want to move here from anywhere. I want this to happen immediately after the previous element. I'm showing this for what it could/should look like visually, not to indicate this is correct logic (it isn't).


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Hey David,

We have a project in the backlog for a 'switch' element that allows you to choose a dropdown and then will give you multiple paths based upon the dropdown's values. It's not on the immediate roadmap but is something we will add at some point in the next year or so.


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