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Affiliate/ Partner program for teams

Robbie Wahl

Ontraports affiliate program (aka partner program) is a great tool but needs more functionality. Many affiliate marketers want tp break up their Partner  programs into teams. As of right now you can not do this easily in ontraport or at all. It would be great if we could have different affiliate groups or teams promoting the same webpage. So if we could give a team leader and affiliate link to onboard his or her team in the partner program and if the partner center could track a teams production as a whole. As of right now this functionality does not exist.

Example Parter program.

Team 1 (Lead By John Smith) 

team members A, Member b, so on and so forth

Team 2 (Lead by Joe)

Team 2 members A member B and so on.


This way we can keep track of individual team production.

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