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Partner's Leads Information

Brendon Brackin

As of now, we're having a very difficult time getting our partner center working so our partners are unable to go and see their individual stats. Also, on our end, we're unable to easily get detailed information about our partners.

In the campaigns and sales areas, when you click on the report numbers, it will give you all the people that are on the campaign or have purchased the specific product. It would be very helpful to be able to go to the partner's area, then click on the number of leads next to a partner's name and have it show the people that have signed up under them.

Along with that, it is very unclear whether the leads are showing only the 1st referrer or both the first and last referrer.

It would also make reporting much easier if we were able to find the breakdown for which partner link/form each lead clicked/filled out so we could then know if our promo tools are being successful or now.

Having ease of access to this information would make it much easier to provide better support to our partners when we're on calls with them, and it would allow us to be able to provide better quality tools and make our programs work better overall.

Thank you

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