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Allow to select a Dummy Gateway as a filter for Dashboard -> Trends -> Sales / Subscriptions / Payment Plans

Leandro Bortolotto

I'm integrating my proprietary multi-currency payment system (that can become a SaaS) to Ontraport. Currently, we already have a payment plan and subscription management on our software. In order to log the transactions into Ontraport without it charging our clients, we'll use a Dummy Gateway to log payment plan and subscription transactions. In this case, we'll have the information inside your system but Ontraport will not charge the person since our system will.

Although I can see the information of these sales on reports, it would be nice if I could individually select and switch between gateways (allow me to select the Dummy Gateway) on the Dashboard -> Trends -> Sales / Subscriptions / Payment Plans reports. Maybe, it could be a setting for the entire dashboard, then we should see data from the specific gateway.

If I could have access to that information in the Dashboard -> Trends -> Sales / Subscriptions / Payment Plans, it would solve all the main issues regarding integrating a true multi-currency system with Ontraport. When I say a true multi-currency, I mean that our system allows us to set a different price for each currency independently from the currency conversion rate. For some countries, the conversion rate from EUR/USD to their Local Currency is just inapplicable.

Using the Dummy Gateway seemed to be the best option for us to integrate our payment system. And we're missing only this option.

I appreciate your time reading this info, and I'm open to collaboration and sharing more information if needed.

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