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    Shipping Settings

    About Shipping Settings

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    ONTRAPORT can supply packing slips in PDF format and a fulfillment list in CSV format for all of your physical product shipments. Many fulfillment houses can use these files as is for physical product fulfillment. Three sections configure and provide reporting on packing slips, Packing Slip Settings, Shipping Package Manager and Shipping Fulfillment List. You can find them in Sales > Settings.


    Adding a Product to a Packing Slip

    ONTRAPORT provides an option to add a product to a Packing Slip on Order Forms and during manual transactions. Select the product in the itemization section to edit the product options. Click on the option Add to shipping / packing slip in the options list that pops up (it is listed with a truck icon):

    add shipping to product

    All of the other ONTRAPORT product options are available (trial periods, subscriptions, etc.) and can be used with Packing Slips. Shipping / packing slips are created when the transaction is processed. They are delivered to you or your fulfillment house via email on a schedule you configure.

    A shipping icon appears next to products with Packing Slips enabled.

    Packing Slip Settings

    The Packing Slip Settings are located in Sales > Settings > Shipping Settings / Packing Slips. The Packing Slip Settings section allows you to specify the contact information printed on the packing slip and whether packing slips are to be sent hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

    Note: The Contact Details at the top of this section are printed on the bottom of the packing slip for the recipient to use if there is an issue with the received order. This allows you to fill in any of your team members, or even the fulfillment house's customer service department if desired. Entries here only add the information and do not send any packing slips to the email address.

    Packing slips contact settings produce the contact footer on the packing slip

    You can send your packing slips to a fulfillment house, your assistant, or yourself depending on your needs using the Notifications section.


    In the Notifications section use the + Add button to add notification email addresses. This is where you would specify the email address for your fulfillment house, team member responsible for shipping, etc. You can add as many notification email addresses as you would like.

    Click Save in the upper right to save your settings.

    Shipped Packages

    The Shipped Packages section is at Sales > Settings > Shipped Packages and provides a list of all the individual packing slips created. Select the entry and choose Download PDF or Download CSV from the Actions menu.

    shipped packages allows downloading of packing slips

    Sample Packing Slip

    a sample packing slip

    Shipping Fulfillment Runs

    Navigate to Sales > Settings > Shipping Fulfillment Runs to access the batches of packing slips processed. The Shipping Fulfillment Runs section displays a list of the fulfillment runs sent with the date and time sent. Select the fulfillment run, and click the Download button in the Action bar to download it. A single PDF file will download that includes all of that fulfillment run's packing slips.

    download any save fulfillment runs to obtain a copy of all packing slips included in that run

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