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    Fulfillment Lists


    Fulfillment Lists are used to provide lists of contacts who have done something, such as listing those who have purchased a product. Fulfillment Lists can be used for any action or condition your Contacts achieve, so you can use them for product shipping, reporting sales information, listing Contacts who have their Bulk Email Status changed, etc.  ONTRAPORT will email the Fulfillment Lists to any email addresses you specify daily, only on weekdays, weekly, or monthly.

    All of the Contact Record fields are exposed to the list, and you can include as many as you like. The Fulfillment List is a CSV file that can be imported into Excel, or into other systems. You can specify that a Contact remain on the Fulfillment List forever, or be removed after the list is compiled and emailed.

    You can add Contacts to the Fulfillment List by a rule on a form, a Rule Step in a Step Sequence, or with a global Rule.

    Note: Fulfillment Lists under 2 MB are sent as file attachments. If the Fulfillment List is over 2 MB a download link is provided instead. If you would prefer that all Fullfillment List emails contain download links please contact


    How to Create a Fulfillment List
    1. Go to Contacts > Settings > Fulfillment Manager and click the New Fulfillment List  button

    2. Name the fulfillment list
    3. Schedule the fulfillment list (weekdays, daily, weekly, monthly) and the time it should be sent
    4. Designate recipients of this fulfillment list

    5. Click + Add Recipient to add additional email addresses
    6. Select the checkbox to unsubscribe contacts after sending. Leave it unchecked to have them on the list indefinitely.
    7. Optional: Create a task for the list and set a fulfillment owner
    8. Select the Contact Record fields to be included

    How to Add or Remove Contacts

    Contacts can be added to a Fulfillment List via the following methods:

    Global Rules and Rule Steps in Sequences can remove a Contact from a single or all fulfillment lists as well.

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