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    About API in ONTRAPORT

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    Before diving into programming world, lots of integrations have already been built. Check out our Integrations page for a listing of the ones we know about

    ONTRAPORT has two available APIs for use by developers.

    We recommend using the new API whenever possible as more endpoints are available for manipulating data inside ONTRAPORT. Eventually, we will deprecate the older API.

    For backward compatibility and easier use of post data in webhooks, etc., the legacy API can be used. It uses a familiar XML format. For advanced, more object orientated use with JSON support, the new API is a better choice.


    Our API documentation can be found at

    If you'd like to access our PHP client library, visit

    Obtain a API App ID and API Key (see below) and visit our interactive API documentation at

    After entering the API App ID and API Key at the top you can create and test API calls at

    To find the available objects in your account:

    1. Click the Objects section.
    2. Open GET /objects/meta
    3. Under Parameters > Format select byName
    4. Click the Try It Out! button.

    The Response will include all of the objects you can access. For example, within the "data" array shown in the image below, the first string, "Contact" is the object name, and the "id": 0 attribute is the objectID for the Contact object (Contacts database).

    All accounts will include the first ten objects in this table. Many more objects are listed in the response. In addition, some accounts have Custom Objects that generate dozens of object IDs for each one of their data elements.

    Object Name Object ID
    Contact 0
    Task 1
    Staff 2
    Group 3
    ContactLogEntry 4
    Sequence 5
    Rule 6
    Message 7
    Subscriber 8
    Step 9
    Tags 14

    Support Requests

    We cannot assist you in learning how to program using the API. But for those of you already coding, we are happy to help with specific questions about code you have written that is producing an error. Please include the code in a plain text file and attach it to an email to Include a description of the error you are receiving. One of our developers will respond to your request during normal business hours.

    How to Obtain an API Key

    1. Click the profile icon at the top right and navigate to Administration > Integrations > ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager

    2. Click the New API Key button

    3. If you receive the API Application form, fill it out and submit it. When your API application is approved return here and generate the key as shown below. Approval takes one to two business days.

    4. Select the Contact Owner and Permissions you'd like to access

    5. Click Save

    NOTE: In most cases you will get an API App ID and API Key immediately. Our support team may reach out to you with a few questions about your request. Keep an eye on your admin email inbox; if any questions are not answered your key could be deactivated.

    Why Are You Asking Me Questions About My API Key Request?

    We need to ask these brief questions to help protect both you and each of our other existing customers from potential exploits that could hurt their marketing efforts. If asked, please reply with the answers to these questions.

    Subscribe to the API RSS Feed

    ONTRAPORT pushes notification of all API changes to our API RSS Feed. Subscribe to it to have updates pushed to your favorite RSS reader.

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