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    Send a Webhook (a.k.a., Ping URL)







    About Send a Webhook (a.k.a., Ping URL)

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    Send a Webhook is an advanced action element that allows you to send information from ONTRAPORT to a 3rd party application, script, or website. Webhooks can be used in Campaigns, Legacy Sequences, Advanced Rules on Smart Forms, and Advanced Global Rules.

    What it Does

    The Send a Webhook feature notifies an external server to use API or to perform some other function when an event happens in ONTRAPORT. Webhooks allow you to send data to another server by making a POST request containing contact data via Merge Fields in both the POST and URL areas. The target server can then use the data to trigger further actions, such as using ONTRAPORT's "fetch" API to grab additional contact data and sending it to another application.

    Note: Did you know you can use a webhook to send data to dynamic locations? For example, http://[myfancyurlfield].com/page.html?get=[merge1]

    Using Webhooks with ONTRAPORT

    The Send a Webhook function is available as an advanced action element in ONTRAPORT, which means that contact data, including Merge Fields, can be sent to a 3rd party service anytime something is added, deleted, or updated in ONTRAPORT.

    Set Up A Webhook
    1. Enable API in ONTRAPORT
    2. Edit or Create a Campaign
    3. Insert the advanced element, Send a Webhook

    4. Adjust the Settings of the Webhook
      1. Enter a URL in the Add the destination URL section. This is the URL that you are sending information to.
      2. If necessary, add Merge Fields into the URL
      3. Enter post data into the Add the Post data to send field. This is the information you want to send to the URL listed in item A.
      4. Add Merge Fields to your post data

        Add multiple ONTRAPORT Merge Fields: Add an ampersand, &, character at the end of the merge field to add multiple merge fields. For example, first name and email address. First_Name=[First Name]&Email=[Email]The last merge field ends without an ampersand character.

        Combining ONTRAPORT Merge Fields: Spaces can be used in this way whenever you are combining ONTRAPORT merge fields.
        For example, if you wanted to send the full name of a contact, you would enter two merge fields [First Name] [Last Name], with a space between them in this format: Name=[First Name] [Last Name]&.
    5. Click Done.







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    • Avatar
      Jack Bosch

      I don't see a post merge field for order information like product ordered and qty... am I missing something?

      I need to pass this info on to our fulfillment company and they want the data posted to their URL.

    • Avatar
      Greg Russell

      Is there any way to pass data out of Ontraport to another system.  The question was asked but no answer.  Please let us know if this is possible?

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      I'm surprised this wasn't answered before now. Please accept our apologies. We will have more complete documentation on Ping URLs later.

      You can create a global Rule that is triggered when a specific product is purchased. The Rule can then send a Ping URL (webhook) using the pre-determined product name and all of the standard merge fields; [Last Invoice Number], [Last Charge Amount], etc. The items that are missing are the quantity purchased and shipping charges.

    • Avatar
      Lyn Beinat

      Are there plans to make Qty and Shipping available in the drop list?

    • Avatar
      CaLM Musselwhite

      Hey folks any update to this documentation as mentioned by Frank 3/317? I'm learning about webhooks OJT and have a completely different use case.

      Thanks folks!

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      We are working on a new help center to replace this knowledge base, and do have some updates coming to the Webhook Campaign Element being tested now. After it is released our documentation team will update the article for the new methods it will open up.

    • Avatar
      Wilson Rondini IV

      This tutorial on WebMerge appears to be dated. I cannot accomplish WebMerge/Ontraport integration without an effective tutorial.

      Looking forward to the updated information regarding webhooks.

      The tutorial on the WebMerge site is also dated.