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    Creating Membership Levels


    What do Membership Levels Do?

    Membership levels can be created either when launching a new WordPress site using ONTRAPORT or when editing an existing WordPress site that has already been integrated with the Pilotpress plugin. These levels determine the levels of access a person has to pages, posts, and content therein that you have created in your WordPress site.

    Once membership levels are created, you can set the levels required to view your pages and content within WordPress. Then, within ONTRAPORT, you can assign contacts, affiliates, and customers to their designated membership levels and are even able to automate this process entirely.

    How to Add Membership Levels

    1. Navigate to Administration > Advanced Features > Wordpress and toggle the feature on.  If the feature has already been toggled on, skip to step 2.

    2. Now that the feature is on, go to Administration > Integrations > Wordpress Website

    3. Click on the WordPress site you wish to create membership levels for by clicking the site name (not the website url). If the "Name" column doesn't appear, click the + button to add the Name column. 

    4. Under Membership Levels, enter the name of your new membership level

    5. Click + Add

    6. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for each membership level you wish to create

    How to Set Membership Levels on your WordPress Pages/Posts

    1. Log into your integrated WordPress site

    2. Add a new post or page, or edit an existing page.

    3. Set the membership level in the PilotPress Options section by checking off the Access Levels.

      1. Leaving all the check boxes blank allows access for anyone visiting your website

      2. Checking one or more check boxes will restrict access to logged in members with those access levels.
      3. To have the page or post displayed in the navigation menu for non-members, select the Show in Navigation check box. This does not override your menu structure set by your theme or in Appearance > Menus. It only allows the page to be listed in navigation if it normally would be displayed. Otherwise, the protected page will not appear in the menu unless the person is logged in and has that access level. 
      4. The On Error page is used when a non-member tries to access the page. You can use this setting in combination with the Show in Navigation checkbox to tease your important content. Set the On Error page to a sales page for the content the person tried to access. 

    4. Click the Publish button to save the settings. 

    Protecting Categories in WordPress

    Posts in WordPress can also have one or more Categories assigned to them. You can protect all posts in a Category automatically using PilotPress. This allows you to remotely create blog posts using other software or via email, and have the post protected without logging into the WordPress Administration section. 

    • Set membership levels using Posts > Categories and edit the category desired.

      editing categories in WordPress

    • Under PilotPress Permissions set the access level for all posts in the Category. Then select the "on error" page non-members will be redirected to if they navigate to a post in this category. Finally, confirm that you want to turn on protection for all posts in the category by checking the Also protect all individual posts in this category? check box.

      Pilotpress category protections

    • Un-checking the Also protect all posts in this category? check box removes the protections for all posts, even ones previously protected by this setting.

    • To override the Category protections for an individual post within a protected Category open it for editing and select Set permissions manually in the Category override drop down box. 

      Override category protections on a post

    • Category permissions are additive. If a post belongs to a Category with permissions for the Gold Membership level and in addition is also assigned a Category with permissions for the Silver Membership level then anyone with either Gold or Silver Membership will be able to see the post. 

    Important Facts

    • PilotPress is not compatible with any other membership plugin

    • Do not use cache plugins with protected content. Cache plugins will serve your content from cache before PilotPress can redirect the visitor away from it.

    • PilotPress uses redirection to protect your content; other plugins using redirection may interfere with PilotPress





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