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    Integrate an Existing WordPress Site

    About Integrating Your Existing WordPress Website

    ONTRAPORT's PilotPress plugin can integrate your existing WordPress website, or you can choose to create a new membership site using a folder or subdomain on your site.




    Is Your Site Suitable for Integration?

    Your site may not be a good candidate for an integrated membership site if:

    • You have more than 10 to 15 plugins (this is not a hard and fast rule, but the more plugins you have the harder it is to troubleshoot any issues.)
    • You use BuddyPress or other social plugins that modify user roles or profiles
    • You have an existing membership or affiliate program plugin you want to continue to use
    • You use a Custom Login Page plugin (PilotPress includes a login form designer that can replace this)
    • Any of your plugins use redirection
    • You have a caching plugin (unless caching can be turned off for protected pages)
    • You have WordPress editor enhancement plugins (TinyMCE Advanced, etc.)

    An alternative to integrating your existing site is to install another instance of WordPress in either a subdomain or a folder on your existing domain. A subdomain such as "" or folder such as "" works well for this. If you have any questions please contact Support.

    Set up Your Site in ONTRAPORT
    1. Log into ONTRAPORT

    2. Navigate to Administration > Advanced Features > Wordpress and toggle the feature on.

    3. Now that the feature is on, go to Administration > Integrations > Wordpress Website

    4. Click New WordPress Site

    5. Click Create New under Existing WordPress Site

    6. Enter the URL of your website in the Website URL field. Do not include a trailing slash after the domain name.

    7. Create membership levels to your WordPress site (optional). You can return here at any time to add new membership levels. Simply type a name for the membership level and click the Add button.

    8. Click Pilot Press Download in the WordPress Plug-in/API Code section, download the PilotPress Plugin, or add it from your WordPress Administration section (search for PilotPress in your Plugins area).

    9. Copy the App ID and API Key into a text document using Notepad (PC) or Text Editor (Mac) for later use.

    10. Click Save.
    Configure Your WordPress Site
    1. Log into your WordPress site's Administration section.

    2. Navigate to Plugins and select Add New

    3. Upload the plugin if you downloaded it from ONTRAPORT or the WordPress respository by clicking Upload and choosing the file from your computer.

    4. Click Install Now

    5. Open Settings > PilotPress

    6. Paste in the App ID and API Key from ONTRAPORT in PilotPress General Settings

      PilotPress API Key and App ID configuration

    7. Select to enable the Customer Center and or the Partner Center if desired. The Customer Center provides a place for all members to change their password, see their ONTRAPORT invoices, update their credit cards, etc. The Partner Center provides reporting and promo tools for members of any Partner Program you have set up in ONTRAPORT.

    8. If enabled by selecting the Customer Center or Partner Center above, set the Post Login Redirect Settings. These settings will redirect the person to the page you specify here. The page can be the auto-generated Customer or Partner Center, or any page you have created on your WordPress site. You can also include any ONTRApage you have hosted on your WordPress site using the ONTRApages Plugin.

    9. Remember to save the PilotPress changes at the bottom of Settings > PilotPress page.
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    • Avatar
      Simon Browning

      Is there any reason to integrate wordpress if we're not doing a membership site?

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      There are two other features available in an integrated WordPress site in addition to the membership features, a Customer Center where contacts can see and update their contact and payment information (and see any ONTRAPORT invoices), and a Partner Center for your ONTRAPORT Partner programs (they can obtain promo tools, commission history, etc. in the Partner Center).

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