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    SMS Short Code Numbers for Marketing

    About SMS Short Code Numbers

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    Have you ever noticed that SMS marketing from large companies usually comes from a special SMS number that is only five or six digits long? These special numbers are recognized for opt-in marketing purposes by the carriers such as AT&T, BT and Telstra. They are used for high volume SMS messages.

    The long digit numbers provided by ONTRAPORT look like normal phone numbers, and are intended for individual interactions between you and individual Contacts. Examples of this interaction include appointment reminders, birthday greetings, automated responses to their incoming texts, and messages to small Groups of Contacts such as advising your VIP members of an upcoming offer.

    If you plan to use SMS bulk marketing you should use a short code number instead of a conventional number. The guidelines suggested by Twilio, our partner in providing SMS service, is any time you send 200 or identical messages per day, or 30 identical messages to the same carrier such AT&T, BT and Telstra in the same day, you should use a short code number.

    Short Code Number Cost

    If you already have a short code number you can integrate it with ONTRAPORT for a minimum monthly recurring cost of $500, subject to approval by ONTRAPORT and your provider. For new short code numbers, costs vary by country due to carrier requirements. Here are the costs for Canada, the United States and the UK.


    • One time set up fee: $3,000 USD
    • Monthly recurring charges: $3,000 USD (billed quarterly)
    • Per outbound message: $0.04 USD per message
    • Per inbound message: $0.01 USD per message

    United States

    • One time set up fee: $650
    • One time MMS enablement fee: $500
    • Monthly recurring charge: $3,000 (billed quarterly)
    • Per outbound message - SMS: $.01
    • Per outbound message - MMS: $0.03
    • Carrier surcharges on messages (incoming and outgoing):
      • T-Mobile: $0.0025
      • Sprint: $0.0050
      • Cricket: $0.0025
      • Metro PCS: $0.0075
      • Verizon: $0.0025

    United Kingdom

    • Monthly recurring charge: $5,000 USD (billed quarterly)
    • Per outbound message: $0.05 USD
    • Per inbound message: $0.01 USD

    For other countries please contact Support.

    The first payment must include the set up fee(s) plus first three months recurring charges before your application is submitted. The carriers in your country must approve your application, and that can take 8 - 12 weeks. Your short code number must remain paid during the approval process, and no refund for non operation or partial operation of the number during this time is given.

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