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Email Archiving

Scott Campbell

Can Ontraport report emails to Smarsh for email archiving?  This is required in the financial services industry.

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We don't have an integration with Smarsh at the current time. They say they are platform independent and will work with any provider, but I believe that statement is for regular, employee-based email platforms like Google Apps, Outlook, etc. and not marketing automation platforms like ONTRAPORT (they list only Salesforce email, and not us or our competitors.) They may require the ability to CC an email address with every message and we do not have that ability. There is a complementary option of sending the exact same email as a "Notify" email to an internal email address. 

I took a quick glance at their website and it looks like they do have a mail based filtering set up that might be possible if you opted for a Private IP address with ONTRAPORT. It has a setup cost of $499 and then incurs an additional $399 fee per month and comes with 600,000 total email sends (an additional 500,000 over your 100,000 account limit).  That might work.

We are not compliance experts and make no representation regarding GLB Act compliance. We are PCI compliant, but as you know that is a very different thing.

We would be willing to speak with them and see what is involved in an integration. 

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