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    Private IP

    About Private IPs

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    An IP (or Internet Protocol address) is a digital address for a computer or server. Whenever you send mail using ONTRAPORT your messages will go out over our pool of shared public IPs with the rest of our customers. Large volume mailers or those especially concerned about their mailing reputation will often get a private IP.

    What's the advantage of a private IP?

    As a mailer, you are constantly being judged by the ISP/ESPs. One of the ways they decide whether your message will live the good life and slide into the inbox or end up cold, alone, and unopened in the spam box is based on reputation. An IP's reputation is determined through measuring different statistics like complaints, bounces, and volume. So, as you can imagine sharing an IP with others isn't always ideal as your mailing reputation is then shared with a bunch of strangers! By utilizing a private IP you can make sure the only reputation affecting your mailing ability is your own.

    How much does it cost?

    There is a one time setup fee for getting a private IP of $499, this fee includes SPF, DKIM, RDNS, DMARC, Feedback Loops, Blacklist Monitoring, Seed Testing, and DNS management.

    After the setup fee the monthly rate is $399 which allows you 500k messages per month in addition to the emails included with your ONTRAPORT subscription package.

    If you need more volume you can prepay for it at $399/500k messages or pay as you go $99/100k messages. Note that these fees are in addition to your ONTRAPORT subscription fee.

    How long will it take to setup?

    Getting your IP all setup will take about a week. Once setup your IP will need to be warmed. Warming an IP is the process of slowly increasing volume day by day so that the ISP/ESPs out there can start to get to know you and your new IP. By slowly warming your IP you are making sure that you are going to get the best delivery rates possible. After your IP is setup you will receive a call from our Abuse Desk for coaching and instruction on how to warm your IP (they will even lay out a dedicated sending plan customized for your business).

    Do I qualify?

    There are a lot of factors when it comes to the requirements and suggested volumes for a private IP. As a general rule we suggest that only those mailing 500k/month or more take advantage of our private IP program. To find out if you qualify call or write customer support ( or 855-ONTRAPORT). They will then email you a questionnaire form which you will answers and then respond to. We review answers every Tuesday and Thursday and will let you know then if you're eligible.

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