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Connect IM Creator XPRS forms to Ontraport

Anna Talbot

I used IM Creator's XPRS to design my website. My leads sign up via that website to my lists. How can I connect those list forms to Ontraport and use the sign-up as triggers to start my Ontraport camapings?

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They are a proprietary website builder, so I'm not sure how they handle integrations. 

The best way would be to embed an ONTRAPORT form into the website directly. ONTRAPORT forms use JavaScript. Ask them if that is possible. (I did check their home page and the links at the very bottom to their manual and "how tos" are not working). 

I will be moving this message to our regular Question & Answer forum as it does not directly relate to a payment gateway we would incorporate into ONTRAPORT. 

Frank Hagan

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Seems like there's two options... 

1. As Frank said, create an ONTRAform and copy/paste the code into your website using an HTML widget. See page 55 of their manual

2. If the coding scares you, create a form in JotForm. Then create a Zapier account. Make JotForm your Trigger and push the information into ONTRAPORT. Check out this article for a video on how to do it!

Rochelle Yoshida 1 vote