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    Note: Not all images and content apply to ONTRAPORT 5.
    For backwards compatibility, some articles cover legacy features.
    Please Contact Us if you run into any problems.

    Integrating with Zapier

    About Zapier

    Zapier is a web service that makes it easy to connect applications like ONTRAPORT to the other apps you use to get your work done. A Zapier integration is called a "Zap." Zaps are quick and easy to set up and don't require any programming knowledge.

    In Zapier you can create Zaps (integrations) that do things like:

    • Add Contacts to ONTRAPORT when a new contact is added to another program such as Google Contacts, Basecamp, Stripe or Quickbooks (and hundreds of others)
    • Add Tags or Sequences to new or existing ONTRAPORT Contacts
    • Kick off workflows in other apps when a Contact fills out a Smart Form, ONTRAform or Smart Form block on an ONTRApage
    • Pass details of new ONTRAPORT Contacts to other apps 


    • An ONTRAPORT account
    • API enabled in your ONTRAPORT account (approval required)
    • A Zapier account
    Configuring Zapier

    Zapier requires only an API Key and APP ID from ONTRAPORT or ONTRApages Premium (coming soon) to connect with hundreds of programs. Here's how to obtain an API Key and APP ID:


    1. Click your email address at the top right and select Administration. Click the ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager link

    2. Create a new key and set all permissions. Click Save

    3. Copy the App ID and API Key for use in Zapier

    4. If you cannot create the API Key and APP ID, fill out the form to obtain permission. See the API in ONTRAPORT article for more information.

    ONTRApages Premium

    1. Coming soon!
    How ONTRAPORT Can Trigger a Zap

    After it is configured, Zapier will "listen" to your ONTRAPORT account and can fire a Zap whenever the following actions take place:

    • New Contact - a new contact is added to your ONTRAPORT Contacts database
    • New Form Submission - one of your contacts fills out an ONTRAPORT form (see the section below for more details)
      Zapier Triggers that ONTRAPORT can activate, when a contact is added or when a contact fills out a form
    Using a Zap When a Form is Filled Out

    In addition to triggering a Zap each time a Contact is added to ONTRAPORT you can trigger one any time a form is filled out by a new or existing Contact. The Zap can then populate a record in any of the other programs Zapier connects to, such as a booking calendar, webinar program, or another mail service provider. 

    1. In Zapier, click the Make a Zap! button. Choose ONTRAPORT as the Trigger application and configure it with an API Key and APP ID if needed. 

    2. Choose the New Form Submission trigger.

      New Form Submission trigger in Zapier

    3. Select the ONTRAPORT form from the drop down

      select the ONTRAPORT or ONTRApages form

    4. Select the other application as the Action portion of the Zap.

    5. Zapier guides you through testing the connections to each program, showing sample data transfers, etc.
    Use Case: Add New Google Contacts to ONTRAPORT

    Zapier connects hundreds of apps to ONTRAPORT. In this example, we will create a "Zap" that will add a Contact to ONTRAPORT when a new Google Contact is created. Click "Use this Zap" and follow the prompts.

    Click "Use this ZAP" to create this Zap:

    In Zapier, a Trigger is an event that kicks off an automation. This Zap will run every time a new contact is added to or updated in Google Contacts, the automation will run.

    Google Contacts Trigger

    Use your Google Contacts account credentials to connect Zapier to Google Contacts.

    Select Your Google Account

    Use the dropdown to choose a group in your Google Contacts account. Zapier will watch this group for new or updated contacts. You can also choose to watch all groups.

    Set up Google Contact

    Make sure you have an existing Google Contact in that group, then test the Trigger by clicking, "Fetch and Continue".

    Google Contacts test

    The Action step of your Zap is the event that's completed in your other app(s) automatically by Zapier. In this example, we're creating or updating contacts in ONTRAPORT automatically, so that is our Action.

    Google Contacts Action

    Connect your ONTRAPORT account to Zapier using your ONTRAPORT App ID and API Key. You can find this by going to Administration > ONTRAPORT API INSTRUCTIONS AND KEY MANAGER.

    Allow Zapier to Connect

    This is the most important step of setting up your Zap because you're telling Zapier which information from your Trigger app (Google Contacts) to pass along to your Action app (ONTRAPORT). We pre-selected some of these fields for you, but to make any changes, just click on the drop-down to the right of the field and choose the appropriate data from the Trigger app.

    Set up ONTRAPORT contact

    Test your Zap and you're good to go! Now, every time a Google Contact is updated or added to your designated group, that contact will automatically be added to ONTRAPORT.

    Zap is working


    Q. What kinds of connections can I make?

    A. You can see the kinds of connections made by clicking the Explore link in Zapier. Enter ONTRAPORT as the primary application and Zapier will display dozens of possible connections with other applications


    Q. How can I get help with a Zap?

    A. Check with Zapier's Help Desk

    Q. Is any of my personal account information exposed in this integration?

    A. No, Zapier uses our open Contacts API to connect the two programs. The Contacts API does not expose any personal financial information.


    Build More Zaps!

    You can use any of these pre-made ONTRAPORT Zaps, or build your own automations between ONTRAPORT and 750+ other apps.

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