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API Order creation

John Borelli

Hey all and thanks for reading.  I'm sure I'm missing something basic but I'm beginning to worry as it seems what I'm trying to do won't work but what I'm doing would be common so I have to ask.

I'm an experienced API integrations developer, just not real experienced with the Ontraport API options.  I need to be able to register an order with payment in Ontraport.  Now two things are confusing me but unrelated.  First, how do you know what object id's are for what objects.  I don't see a list to tell you or documentation (but am probably missing something obvious).  Second, I've identified 52 as an Order object id but I think I'm looking for an Invoice object id because the api is telling me that that particular object doesn't accept POST, so realizing the difference between and order and an invoice, I'm guessing that's what I'm missing but please correct me if I'm missing anything.  I would find it very impossible to believe that the api doesn't allow for the creation of invoices/payments.  Every other crm out there does so my assumption is that I've clearly missed something and likely something obvious ;)

 I tried a POST to objectID 46 (invoice) and got the response that this object doesn't allow POST?

Thanks so much for reading and any responses!


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Hey John - here's a link that might help:

You can have ONTRAPORT charge the transaction via the API using the default card on file for the contact, or you can simply log the transaction without having ONTRAPORT process it. The parameter "chargeNow" can be set to either "chargeNow" as shown in this example: or set to "chargeLog" that will simply log the transaction without using the contact's credit card information on file. The links in the left hand column should help once you get there. 

One way to see all the objects in the account is to use this page:

You need API keys from a live ONTRAPORT account to use it. To get a listing of them all:

  1. Enter an API Key and APP ID at the upper right. When the keys are accepted the borders will turn from red to green.
  2. Click on "Objects" (the first entry) and click the GET button next to /objects/meta
  3. Click the "Try it out!" button 

The Response Body will show all of the contact fields in "0" (the contacts object) as well as  the fields in any custom objects. You will see Object "5" is "Sequence",  7 is "Message", 14 is "Tag", etc. 


We do provide support to developers using our email address. Only a few of our front line support people are programmers, so that email address will get you to the right people. Attach a text file with the code you are using and the error message, if any. We use Zendesk and code directly in your email will be "processed" and not be complete. 

Frank Hagan

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