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Ontrapage Survey Creation - Sum Function

Jared Kushi

I've created a questionnaire in Pages to be sent to contacts on a monthly basis. I created a series of customer fields for contacts to rank certain conditions that they experience, and need to be able to easily total it.

Is there a way to input a Sum function that would tally up the value of the individual responses?


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If the field is an Integer or Currency type field you can expose it in the Contacts Collection by adding that field as a column. The total will be at the top of the column. You can then create Groups based on the contacts you want to show. 

For instance, if you want to show only contacts who have been active in the last month you could use the criteria that the contact has a "Last Activity Date" >> "less than" (or, before) >> 10/1/2018 and add another condition that the "Last Activity Date" >> "greater than" (or, after) >> 8/31/2018. That would give you the Contacts that were active during the month of September, and you could see the score in that field for those contacts. 

Frank Hagan

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