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API Search Contact by Email Address

Nezir Gonenc


I am trying to find out which of our members have also registered with Ontraport. I checked the API documentations but it only uses ids of the contacts which is not a good way to search contacts. Is there a way to do this search by e-mail?

I was trying to use following URL;

but I receive status code 400 "invalid e-mail" message every time although the member is in Ontraport.

And the API key that I am using allows me to "Search Contacts" and "Manage Fields".


Thanks in advance,




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Try this:

That should return a response body like this:


"code": 0,
"data": [
  { "id": "127",
     "owner": "1",
     "firstname": "Frank",
     "lastname": "Hagan",
     "email": ""
     etc .....

You can test this out at our Live doc at!/Contacts/getContacts.

Put a valid API Key and App ID at the top of the page then use "0" for the ID and set the "Search" to "" as shown here with my email address:

Click the "Try it out!" button and you'll see the Request URL that is built for you and the response body. 

Frank Hagan

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