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    Managing Contact Credit Cards






    About Credit Cards in ONTRAPORT

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    ONTRAPORT Pro level and above provides your customer the ability to use multiple credit cards. They can add new credit cards by filling out an order form or by visiting the Customer Center in a PilotPress enabled WordPress site. You can manually add credit cards for them in the Contact Record as well.  This allows your customers to have one credit card for recurring payments, and another for single transactions.

    The Default Credit Card

    The default credit card is the first card added to the system for the Contact. You can also select any active credit card listed in the Contact Record on the Purchases tab, in Credit Cards on File, and make it the default credit card. When you manually charge a card in the Contact Record you can choose any active credit card. The default credit card will be identified for your convenience.

    Note: Changing the default credit card does not have any impact on existing payment plans or subscriptions. They continue to use the original credit card.

    Change the Credit Card for Payment Plans and Subscriptions

    Change the Credit Card on Behalf of Your Customer:

    To change the credit card on behalf of your customer go to the Contact Record > Purchases tab.

    Locate the order in the Subscriptions and Payment Plans section and select it by hovering over it and checking the check box that appears.

    Click Edit Order in the Actions drop down box.

    Edit the open order

    The open order is displayed in a lightbox. Under Payment Info select Charge on the next billing date. Use the drop down next to Credit Card to select any of the active credit cards or add a new one. This change selects that credit card for all future transactions on this order. It does not affect any other subscription or payment plan the Contact has.

    Change the credit card on an open order


    How Your Contacts Can Change the Credit Card:

    The Contact can designate the credit card to be used for all future payments on payment plans and subscriptions in the Customer Center in WordPress by selecting Update Payment Info and selecting the radio button next to Use this card. When the Contact makes this change the card selected replaces the original card used for all payment plans and subscriptions from that point forward.

    Manage credit cards in the Customer Center in PilotPress

    Note: This changes the credit card used for all existing subscriptions and payment plans. To change the credit card on a single subscription or payment plan, and leave another card active on other subscriptions or payment plans, you will have to change the credit card on the specific order, as outlined below.

    Edit a Credit Card

    Credit cards can be edited by the Contact in the Customer Center of an integrated WordPress website, or by you in the Contact Record on behalf of your customer. When editing a credit card only the billing address and expiration date can be changed; other changes require a new card to be entered. The most common reason for editing the card will be to enter a new expiration date for an existing credit card.

    In accordance with privacy laws, ONTRAPORT does not store the three or four digit CVV or CVC number. It is used only on the original order form and does not need to be updated when a Contact receives a new credit card with the same credit card number. They can update the billing address and expiration date even if the CVV or CVC number is different on their new card.

    Any card can be deleted by the contact in the WordPress Customer Center except for the default card. To delete the default card the Contact must designate another card as the default first.

    Credit Card Display in the Contact Record

    The Credit Cards on File section, found on the Purchases tab of the Contact Record, lists the credit cards the Contact has used on order forms, and those that have been entered manually in the Customer Center or Contact Record.

    The credit card details section on the Purchases tab in the Contact Record

    ONTRAPORT doesn't store the actual credit card number in the Contact Record and only reveals the card type, last four digits and expiration date in the publicly accessible database. Cards displayed in the Credit Cards on File section are merged for display purposes based on this data.

    Displaying the Credit Card Used 

    Click the Add Column Header + sign to add the Credit Card column to the display in the Transactions  and Subscriptions and Payment Plans sections.

    Display the credit card column


    In the Purchase History section, drill down through the Invoice to display the credit card column.

    display the credit card used in the Purchase History section






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