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    Card View - Using the Color Field

    About Using the Color Field in Card View

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    The Color Field can be used to alert you to the condition of the contact in the process regardless of what stage or column they are in. Please review this short video for an overview of the Color Field.

    Creating a Color Field

    You can create Color Fields in the Field Editor at Contacts > Settings > Field Editor or by using the Select a color field: drop down in the Card View Column Settings dialog (select +Create New Field).

    1. Name the field "Time Since Last Activity" and select Color in the Field Type box.
    2. Click the + Add button to add each option. We are using "Today", "This Week", "This Month" and "More than a Month" for our values.
    3. Click the square color picker and select red for "Today", orange for "This Week", yellow for "This Month" and blue for "More than a Month.

      color field selections
    4. Save the Color Field.

    Updating the Color Field

    None of the Contact Records has a value in the "Time Since Last Activity" Color Field, so you won't see any color bars on the Cards. You can double click on a Card and manually update the field. This technique is often used when some external event has given you reason to manually update it. But most of the time you'll want to automate updating the field.

    Campaigns are ideal for updating the Color Field. Use the Update Contact element after a Trigger, Goal or Condition to set the value of the Color Field. Look for the Campaign named "Color Field: Time Since Last Activity" to update this Color Field automatically when the Last Activity date field changes.

    Campaign to update color field based on last activity date

    Using the Color Field

    Your Contact Cards will now have a color bar along the left side indicating their "hotness" in the case of our "Time Since Last Activity" Color Field.

    color bars on contact cards

    There is also a new Display dropdown in the header bar of our Card View. It allows us to select the individual value to filter our Contact Cards by, so that we only see the contacts who are in that category. We can easily select "Today" to see only the Contact Cards who have been active today.

    Display contacts only with a single color field value


    Usecase - Creating a Deal Rotting Color Field

    A common method to manage sales leads is to treat them like fresh fruit, and set a time limit to react to them before they turn rotten. This is called "Deal Rotting", "Lead Rotting" or "Sales Rotting". Here is a slightly more complex method to set up a "Deal Rotting" field based on either the date of the last activity, or the Lead Score of the contact.

    1. Navigate to Contacts > Settings > Field Editor
    2. Click to add a field. Name the field "Deal Rotting" and select Color in the Field Type box.
    3. Click the + Add button to add each Color value in your process. We are using "Rotten", "Wilting" and "Fresh" in this example. Click the square color picker to choose red for "Rotten", orange for "Wilting" and green for "Fresh".

    Use the color field to set up visual notification that the deals are starting to get rotten

    Setting the Color Field by Last Activity

    In this example we want to use the ONTRAPORT "Last Activity" date to show how engaged our prospect is.

    Use a Campaign to check the Last Activity date field daily and update the Color Field. If the Last Activity date is within the last 7 days the Campaign updates the Deal Rotting field to "Fresh" (green). If the Last Activity date is between 8 and 89 days the Campaign sets it to "Wilting" (orange). And finally, if the Last Activity date is 90 days or more in the past the Campaign sets the field to "Rotten" or red.

    This Campaign has only one added Trigger and 12 added Campaign Elements to do all this. For more assistance, please contact Support.

    A Campaign to keep the color field updated by the last activity date

    Setting the Color Field by Score

    In this example we use the Lead Score contained in the field "Score" to update the Color Field. We use ONTRAPORT's built in Lead Scoring that updates the field whenever the contact engages with us. Unlike the Last Activity date that tracks only the date of the last encounter, Lead Scoring can assign different values to different activities. We might give the contact 100 points for a purchase, five points for an email open, and only a single point for a landing page visit.

    Our Campaign uses a Trigger that fires every time the Score field is updated and evaluates the number. If it is less than 50 the Campaign assigns the value "Rotten" (red) to the Deal Rotting field. Between 50 and 74 the Campaign assigns the value "Wilting" (orange) to the field. And if greater than 75, the Campaign assigns the value "Fresh" (green) to the Deal Rotting field.

    a Campaign that uses the Score field to assign values to a Color Field

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