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    Contact Tags

    What are Contact Tags?

    Contact Tags are the cornerstone of list segmentation and are a way to label the contacts in your database in any way you see fit so that you can create Groups based on them. This serves as a way to never lose a contact or forget why they're in your database as your list grows.

    You can Tag your contacts according to their relationship with you/your company, according to their interests, according to what products of yours they're interested in, where they came from, or however else you want.

    For example, you may have contacts in your database that you know from a Chamber of Commerce event, some who are friends from church, a bunch that simply filled out a form on your website…and still others who’ve bought a certain kind of product from you.

    How to Create a Tag

    You can create a new tag in either an individual Contact Record in the Contacts collection or in the Contacts > Settings menu.

    Option 1: In the Contact Record

      1. Go to the Contacts collection and click on a contact to open their Contact Record 

      2. Make sure you're in the Contact Information header, and scroll down to the Contact Tags section.

      3. Open the Select Tag drop down menu and click Add New. Enter a Tag name and click Save.

        create tag

    Option 2: In the Contacts > Settings menu

    1. Go to Contacts > Settings > Manage Tags

      manage Tags

    2. Click the New Tag button

      New Tag button

    3. Enter a Tag name and click the Save button.

      Enter Tag name

    Rename Tags

    To rename a Tag navigate to Contacts > Settings > Manage Tags

    manage tags

    Click on the Tag name you would like to change. Type the new name of the Tag and click Save.

    Rename Tag

    ONTRAPORT will rename the Tag wherever it exists in ONTRAPORT - on all Contact Records, in Rules, etc. The original Tag name is then deleted.

    NOTE: Be careful if you have external applications managing Tags via the API, integrated with third party programs such as FuzedApp or Zapier, or in shopping carts such as SamCart. Many of these programs require you to use an existing Tag during configuration. If you rename the Tag, the old Tag name is deleted. The application may fail, or it may re-create the old Tag name in your account. After renaming a Tag, remember to re-configure any external applications using the Tag. 

    How to Tag Contacts



    1. Go to the Contacts collection

    2. Click on a contact to open their Contact Record

    3. Click on the Sequences and Tags header

    4. Open the Select Tag dropdown menu

    5. Select a Tag from the list of existing Tags

    Many at once

    1. Go to the Contacts collection

    2. Select a group or select several individual contacts

    3. Click the Actions button

    4. Click Add/Remove Tags

    5. Select a Tag from the dropdown menu

    6. Save


    Via global rules

    You can set up an global rule to tag contacts automatically as a response to certain behaviors or actions in your account.

    Via forms
    When you create or edit a form, you can select what tag(s) you want assigned to people who fill out the form in the Settings tab. This way, new contacts are segmented automatically right as they enter your database.

    Via import

    You can tag contacts during the import process. More on this here.

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    • Avatar
      Marius-Adi Florea

      How can I delete tags ?

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Hi  Marius-Adi Florea - 

      Go to Contacts > Settings > Manage Tags. On that screen, you can select tags and then edit or delete them. 



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