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    Add Smart Form Blocks in ONTRAforms

    About Smart Form Blocks

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    Smart Form Blocks allow your contacts to enter information, either for updating their own Contact Record or for the initial opt in.





    Add a Smart Form Block

    If a Smart Form block does not already exist on your ONTRAform, click Add Block and select it from the Palette menu. For more detailed instructions visit this article.

    Choose Smart Form Fields

    Add Fields:

    1. Click on the Smart Form Block from the Palette or by clicking Edit in the Smart Form block from the Canvas. If the block has multiple elements (e.g. text, form), you may need to click once more on the Form element.


    2. Add fields: Click the +Add button to add fields to the form. Some horizontal forms have a maximum of 3 - 5 fields; choose another design to include more fields.
    3. If the field is already created, use the dropdown menu to select your desired field. Find fields faster by typing in the first few letters of the field name.

    4. If the field is not created yet, select "create new field" from the dropdown menu. Once you create the new field, the system will return you to your ONTRAform. Select the newly created field.

    Delete Unwanted Fields:

    1. Click the trashcan icon next to the field you'd like to delete from the form (this does not delete the field from your database.

    2. Alternately, you can toggle the green slide button selector in the Palette to hide the field.
    Order the Fields

    Ensure your Form block is selected in Palette. Hover over the left side of the field name. When the up and down arrow appears, click and drag the field into the desired location.

    Edit Required Fields, Field Labels and Settings
    • Make a field required/compulsory before submitting the form: Click on the field name in the Palette and place a checkmark in the Required field box.

    • To change what the field label displays click on the field you'd like to edit and enter your desired text.
      • If the Smart Form block you've chosen has text on the inside of the field, it's Placeholder. Placeholder information disappears once the viewer clicks in the field.

      • If the block you've chosen has text on the outside of the field, you can enter a new label for the field as well as enter placeholder information if desired. Placeholder information disappears once the viewer clicks in the field.

    • To change the form button text or upload your own button image, click the button element from the Palette in your Smart Form block. Enter your desired text. You can also change the background color of the button and even adjust the background color and text when a viewer hovers over the button.

    • To upload your own button image, click the image tab and upload your image.







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