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    About ONTRAforms

    ONTRAforms are beautiful, responsive opt-in and order forms you can host on any web page. You can create them from scratch or choose from our impressive library of professionally designed templates. The easy to use interface features an innovative click-to-select editor in which you stack and customize pre-built Blocks of content. You can rename and reuse Blocks you have customized over and over again.

    A unique feature of ONTRAforms is automated prefill of the first name, last name and email address from cookie data. The ONTRAform will automatically prefill those fields if they are cookied.

    When publishing your form, you can choose it to be a static form positioned on the web page, a lightbox pop up, or a click-to-pop-up link or image. The lightbox pop up can be triggered by time on the page, scrolling past a certain percentage of the page, or when "exit intent" is detected.




    Quick Start

    Want to jump right in and create an ONTRAform in your ONTRAPORT account with step-by-step instructions? Make sure you are logged in on another tab in this browser and click this link: Create an ONTRAform.

    This opens an ONTRAPORT Project within your account. ONTRAPORT Projects are step-by-step in-app instructions with a checklist to track your progress. You can stop and resume the Project at any time.

    Get Started with ONTRAforms
    1. In the Contacts collection click on Forms. Click the New Form button.

    2. Click the Create New button on the ONTRAform icon.

      choose ONTRA or Smart Forms

    3. The Form Templates menu is shown in the Palette area (the left side column). Use it to filter the templates to make your selection.

      ONTRAforms templates

      1. You can display All Templates or templates created for specific functions such as By Type, By Industry, By Author and By Tags. Inside each of these sections are filters to focus your template search.

      2. The ONTRAPORT Marketplace allows you and other ONTRAPORT clients to share ONTRAform templates you have configured. The shared templates can be free, incur a one-time charge or subscription fee. Sharing options include making the template available to all ONTRAPORT clients, or to specific ONTRAPORT clients. My Shared Templates are templates you have shared, and Shared With Me templates are those templates shared with you. Purchased will contain all the templates you have purchased.

      3. All free templates are shown by clicking the Free filter item.

      4. No matter the view, all templates are clearly identified with either "Free" or the price.

        templates marked free or paid

      5. You can create your own template by selecting the Start From Scratch template located in the top row.

    4. Templates and blocks reserved for ONTRAPORT Pro and higher accounts have an ONTRAPORT PRO banner. These include blocks for features not available in ONTRAPORT Basic accounts, such as Order Form blocks, Upsell Form blocks, etc.

    5. Palette, Canvas and Blocks: The editor window is divided into the Palette on the left and the Canvas on the right where the blocks are displayed. Editing can be done either directly on the Canvas for some block elements, or on the Palette.

    6. ONTRAforms are created using Blocks, horizontal slices of the form you arrange to create your design. Blocks are designed for different types of content. Each Block can have several different layouts to choose from, and within those layouts different colors, backgrounds and styles. Changes are made in the ONTRAform editor in true visual mode, showing you the new content immediately.

      Palette and Canvas




    ONTRAforms Basics

    Selling Products and Leveraging Upsell Opportunities

    Publishing Your ONTRAforms

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    • Avatar
      John Corey

      I followed the instructions above. They all made sense. It seemed pretty logical when you think about it.

      When I checked the contacts in the database after running the test, I found something strange. An entry with no real data. No first, last, or email address. Also a second entry that had the first and last yet no email address. I deleted the two entries and repeated the test. The same result.

      I did make a mistake with the set up initially, so the tests above was really the 2nd and 3rd time through. A search of the database shows no use of the email address I am using during the test. All a bit odd.

      What am I missing or is there a subtle bug?

    • Avatar
      Robbie Godsil

      Yes, like John this happened to me too!

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Please contact Support with these individual issues; they can help you sort it out. You can chat them by using the CHAT link at the top of this page, or the chat link in your account (found when you expand the "question mark" help menu at the top right).

    • Avatar
      Alicia Drew

      Ontramail is so easy to use, but I wish there was greater flexibility for formatting. Option to shift elements inside blocks as needed. Sometimes the writing or photo I want to put together in a block just needs more tweaking than I am currently allowed

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