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    Add Upsell Form Blocks to ONTRAforms

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    Upsell Forms give you the ability to offer your customers a product upsell when purchasing something from you. With the original order already processed and the customer's purchase information cached, all they need to do is click a Yes or No button to quickly accept or reject your special offer. This can increase sales as the customer does not have to re-enter their payment information.

    Upsell Forms are available in ONTRApages as an upsell form block, and as ONTRAforms you can embed on your own website or as a pop up on an ONTRApages sales page.

    NOTE: Some WordPress themes and third-party landing page generators (e.g., LeadPages) strip the Javascript code as part of their security procedures, and may not work with Upsell Forms. Consult with your theme or third party landing page vendor for remedies.





    Requirements of Upsell Forms

    Read this article to setup your global Upsell Settings and that you are aware of the requirements for Upsell Forms.

    • Upsell Forms MUST be on the same domain and use the same payment gateway as the Order Form that triggered it.
    • You cannot use standard PayPal as the payment gateway.
    • Order Forms process transactions immediately, but Upsell Forms are submitted to a processing queue that runs every 15 minutes. Depending on your global Upsell Form Settings and when the Upsell Form enters that processing queue there may be an additional delay from one to 14 minutes before the credit card is charged and the Campaigns or Rules on that Upsell Form run.
    • Tracking scripts MUST exist on both the Order Form page and the Upsell Form page. If you are using  ONTRApages, a Wordpress site that is integrated with PilotPress or Legacy Landing Pages, tracking scripts are added automatically.
    Add or Select an Upsell Form Block

    To learn more about adding a block to your ONTRAform, visit this article.

    Edit the Block Elements
    1. Click the Upsell Form Block from the Palette or click Edit in the Upsell Form block from the Canvas to edit the Block
    2. Edit the Block in the normal fashion, editing text, images and hiding elements as desired

    Add Products to the Upsell Form Block
    1. Click the Payment Settings button to configure the products and payment gateway for the Upsell offer

    2. Click the Add / Edit Products button

    3. Add items to sell. From the Canvas, select the items you'd like to sell on your Upsell Form by using the dropdown under the item column. Add multiple items by clicking the + Add Row button.
    4. If the item hasn't been created, select the + Create New from the dropdown menu. Type in the item (product) name, press tab and submit the quantity and price.
    5. Hover to the right of each item and select from the options. For detailed information on payment structures, please see this article.

      • Add a Trial period: To offer a product with a trial period (e.g., 1 week for $9.99 and $197 thereafter) adjust the settings.
      • Make this a subscription: To offer a product with a continuous, recurring payments (e.g., $97 per month), adjust these settings.
      • Offer a payment plan: To offer payment plans (e.g., one payment of $497 or 3 payments of $199 per month), adjust these settings. Tip: Offer multiple payment plans by clicking the + Add payment option link in the product grid.
      • Add to shipping/packing slip: For products that need to be shipped, select this option. Once complete, the product will show a small truck icon next to it in the product grid.
      • Remove this item: To remove a product from the order form, hover over the item row and select this setting. The item will disappear from the product grid.
      • Charge on a later date: To charge all items on the order form on a later date, hover over the "Total" column and enter the date you'd like all charges to go through on. To remove this item, hover right and select remove charge on later date.
    6. Move items into your preferred order by hovering left and clicking the arrows
    7. When you're finished adding items and payment structures, click Done

      product options in the product grid

    Add a payment method

    Click the + Add A Payment Method from the Product Grid in the Palette. Use the dropdown to select a payment gateway you've integrated with ONTRAPORT. Click Save at the bottom of the configuration options in the palette to save your choices. You must use the same payment gateway as the original Order Form.

    add payment method

    Add Shipping methods (optional):

    1. To set shipping rates for products, click + Add Shipping Method in the Palette. See this article for detailed information about adding shipping methods.
    2. Enter a name and price of your shipping type
    3. Add rules that declare when each shipping type is charged based on field values
    4. Select whether or not you’d like to charge shipping each time on recurring orders

    Add Taxes (optional)

    1. Click the + Add A Tax option from the Palette. See this article to learn how to add taxes percentage for each tax option.

    2. Enter a name and tax percentage for each tax option. You can specify different amounts for each type of tax and add as many tax options as you like.
    3. Select whether or not to charge specified tax amount on shipping
    4. Add rules that declare when each tax type is charged based on field values
    5. Ensure the item is taxable in the product grid and click Save in the Palette

    6. Select Invoice Template (optional): Use the pulldown to select the invoice template customers will receive upon successfully purchasing your products. To create custom invoice templates, see this article.





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