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    Users as Contact Owners

    About Users As Contact Owners

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    Every Contact Record has a Contact Owner. By default, the Contact Owner is the main Admin user. However, any ONTRAPORT User can be set as the Contact Owner. This allows finer permissions for your Users as you can provide full access to the User's Contacts, and restrict actions to other contacts in the account. Actions you can configure are shown in the image below.


    Contact Owner Information

    You can manage the User Profiles to include specific information for your Contacts. ONTRAPORT uses the Contact Owner's information, found in their User Profile, for the required company information shown on the bottom of all bulk emails and on the Manage Your Subscriptions page. If the Contact Owner's information is not in their User Profile then the Admin user's information is shown. You specified the Admin user's information when you signed up for ONTRAPORT.

    A district salesperson in a remote office can include the district office company name and address in his User Profile. The contacts will see the remote office's address in bulk email and know it is from their local salesperson.

    Using the Contact Owner for Separate Companies

    You can use this feature to operate two separate companies in ONTRAPORT. Have one company's information in the Admin user's profile. Create a second User with the second company's information in that User's profile. Make the User with the second company's information the Contact Owner for the contacts of the second company. The company information shown in bulk email will always reflect the information for the Contact Owner.

    There are limitations to this approach:

    • ONTRAPORT will allow you to send any email, including ones "From:" any other User, to any of your Contacts. All of the contacts will see their own Contact Owner's information in bulk email regardless of what the "From:" email address is.
    • Sales reports, tracking, etc. is not segregated by Contact Owner, so it will be up to you to create the proper segmentation for reporting.

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      KKJ Admin

      Is it possible to share a Contact between Users? Can I set permissions so that both Users can access and edit that Contact?

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      Frank Hagan

      You could do this by assigning both users the same Role and then selecting "Owned by me and my roles" in the drop down for the Contact permissions for the Users:


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