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    Adding or Removing Users

    About ONTRAPORT Users

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    You can add additional team members to work inside your ONTRAPORT account, and restrict their access to certain features using User Permissions. You can set nearly any access level you want, from fully restricted to almost-administrator access. ONTRAPORT accounts come with one, two, three or five users. You can add additional users to ONTRAPORT Plus and above accounts for $47 per month.

    Each user has an individual User Profile in Administration > Manage Users. If you have a User who is allowed to be the Owner of Contacts the information in that profile is used to populate the unsubscribe text on the bottom of bulk emails. Often this is used to insert a regional office address for sales people, affiliated companies or even separate businesses that you run in your account.

    At the other end of the spectrum you can restrict users to assistant level activities, and assign Tasks to them, notify them via automation in Campaigns, and restrict their activities so that they cannot delete contacts, see sales information, etc.

    Note: We strongly recommend you create User Roles and set Permissions for each User role before adding users. Users will receive a confirmation email to set their login password as soon as they are created, and can immediately thereafter log into your account.

    Immediately after you save the new user record an email is sent for the user to log in and create their password. As the administrator you can delete users too, and their access is immediately removed. If you want to maintain continuity as you change a user to another person you can request that Support rename the user for you.

    How to Add a User

    1. Go to Manage Users

    2. Click the New User button

    3. Click Agree

    4. Fill in the required fields in the ‘Contact Information’ section. They are as follows:
      1. First Name
      2. Last Name
      3. Email
    5. Fill in the required Email From Name field in the ‘Email Information’ section. This field indicates what this user’s name looks like on manually sent or automated emails sent from ONTRAPORT on the user’s behalf (if you have given them permission to be the Owner of contacts or to send mail). It is also used for the confirmation email that prompts the new user to create his or her password.
    6. Reply-To Email - This is the email address the user will use to login to ONTRAPORT as well as where the user will receive reply emails from contacts. If left blank, replies will flow to the Administrator's "reply to" email address.
    7. Fill in the required fields in the ‘User Details’ section
      1. Role - The role of a user determines the user’s access and actions permissions.
      2. Manager -You can set another User as the Manager for this new User here. It can be left blank.

    8. Fill in any other fields you wish to populate
    9. Click Save at the top right.

    The Confirmation Email

    The confirmation email is sent to the new User's email address. It contains a link to activate the user account and set a password.

    The new user receives this confirmation email

    How to Delete a User

    1. Go to Manage Users
    2. Select a user by checking the box to the left of their name
    3. Click the Actions button
    4. Click Delete User

    The User is deleted. You will be prompted to assign Contacts and open Tasks to another User. If the User was a manager, you will be prompted to move his or her subordinates to another manager or User. Deleting a user has the following impact on your data:

    • The Tasks that were assigned to that user are reassigned to the user you specify in the deletion process
    • For Notes, the author's name is removed and the author is left blank
    • For Purchases, the original User's name used in logging the transaction remains in the
      Automation Log.

    Important Facts

    • After creating a user, you can always return and edit user info fields.
    • All field info in a user’s profile can be used as merge fields on emails, landing pages, and postcards.
    • When you create staff custom fields, they appear in the Manage Users profiles for you to populate with data.

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