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    User Custom Fields

    About User Custom Fields

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    Users are your team members that log into ONTRAPORT and perform tasks such as sending broadcast emails, creating Campaigns, etc. ONTRAPORT Basic accounts have just one User, but Plus and above accounts have multiple Users.

    It’s often useful to be able to merge Contact Owner or User information into an email, task, or postcard. For example, if you’re sending emails ‘on behalf of’ your employees, you may want to create a signature in the email that includes the Contact Owner’s Name, Phone Number, and Job Title. ‘Contact Owner’s Name’ and ‘Phone Number’ are available as User Fields in ONTRAPORT by default, whereas ‘Job Title’ would need to be created by you. You can add it by making a User Custom Field in this section.

    The User Record works just like a Contact Record, with both default fields and the ability to create custom fields. These fields can be used as merge fields as well, either by specifying that an email is coming from that User, or by assigning the User as the "Contact Owner" of a group of contacts and setting the email to come from the "Contact Owner". This allows a team of sales people to have their contact information inserted into your communication to them automatically.

    How to Add User Custom Fields

    1. Click the Profile icon and click on Administration.

    2. Click on the User Management tab > User Field Editor.

    3. Optional: Click + Add New Section at the bottom of the page to add a new Field Section for your Custom Fields

    4. Click + Add Field to add new Custom Fields into any existing Field Section.
      1. Name your new Custom Field
      2. Select a Field Type
      3. Save your new Custom Field

        This is also useful if you'd like to include a user profile image as a signature in emails. Just select the new custom field type as image.
    5. Save the page.
    6. Edit your Custom Field values (see below).

    How to Edit the Field Value of a User Custom Field

    1. Click the Profile icon and then Manage Users.

    2. Select the User you want to edit to open the User Record.
    3. Here you’ll be able to edit the User Fields of any existing Users in your account. Click inside a field to edit it.
    4. Remember to validate any email address you add here so it can be used as a Email From address.

    How to Implement a User Custom Field

    After you’ve created and entered values into your User Fields you can merge that information into your messages following these steps:

    1. Create an Email, Task, or Postcard
    2. Use the Merge Fields dropdown in the editor and select your User Field

    The field will populate with the data from the appropriate User Fields.

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