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    Naming Conventions

    About Using Naming Conventions

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts. Not all features mentioned are in all account levels.

    In order to keep your system well organized, use standardized naming conventions for all your Campaigns, Tags, Groups, Sequences, Rules, Tasks, Emails, Postcards, Landing Pages and Forms. That way, everything you name accordingly will be easily identifiable, searchable, and usable by you and other members of your team. It also helps that dropdown menus list stored items in alphabetical order.

    In addition, although most items in ONTRAPORT display the date that they’ve been added or modified, it’s often a good idea to add the date you created a new item to the title of that item. This is an extra safeguard in case your account will store a high amount of items.

    Examples of Naming Convention Usage

    Tags for Lead Sources

    Let’s say you’re creating Tags for different leads sources (where your leads come from). Seeing as leads can come from a number of sources (events, a form, etc.), you might want to create tags titled Lead Src: and then the name of the source. They might look like the example tags below:

    • Lead Src: Conference 2012
    • Lead Src: Contact Us Form
    • Lead Src: Affiliate
    • Lead Src: Former Customer

    ...instead of merely:

    • Gathering 2012
    • Former Customer
    • Affiliate
    • Contact Us Form

    Monthly Email Newsletters

    If you're creating and releasing monthly email newsletters, you'd want to name them like this:

    • NL: July 2017
    • NL: August 2017
    • NL: September 2017

    ...instead of:

    • July Newsletter
    • August Newsletter
    • September Newsletter


    This one’s straight out of our own business operations. If you are hosting any type of event, be it a conference or webinar or anything of that nature, use a title format such as Webinar Event: Sign-up Form (9/6/18). This naming convention includes the name of the event, a brief item description, and the date created.

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