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    Using IMAP Settings



    IMAP SETTINGS can integrate your personal email accounts into ONTRAPORT. When configured, all email to or from your contacts is imported into the Contact's CONTACT HISTORY section.


    • An ONTRAPORT account

    • An email address with IMAP access


    Obtain IMAP Details and Configure Email Account

    Check with your email service provider to obtain the IMAP connection details. You will need the Host Name, Port and Security Settings from your provider in addition to your email address and password. For Gmail and GoogleApps Email, Google Support cites the following details:


    • Port: 993

    • Requires SSL:Yes

    NOTE: These are sample settings only. Check with your email provider for your account settings.


    Example Email Setup: Gmail

    Check with your email host regarding the proper set up procedures. For Gmail, these procedures were in effect as of August, 2015:


    Other Email Clients

    Other email clients, such as Yahoo's Ymail, have similar settings to the Gmail example above. Ask the provider if they have these settings that will require modification:

    • Allow Less Secure Apps
    • Initial Connection Captcha
    • "Connect a CRM" Settings


    Configure the IMAP Settings in ONTRAPORT

    1. Remain logged into your email account and watch for an authorization pop-up message or email as you complete this process. Gmail and others require approval to allow IMAP connections.

    2. Click your email address at the top right and click Administration. Select IMAP SETTINGS under the Email section.

      Administration Menu

    3. Click the New IMAP Setting button.

      New IMAP Setting Button

    4. Fill in the IMAP details obtained from your email service provider and click Connect.

    5. When you have successfully connected to your email account, ONTRAPORT will display a list of your email folders. Select the folders you want the IMAP Settings function to search. 

      IMAP Settings for Gmail

    6. NOTE: Do not select the INBOX Mailbox for Gmail and Google Apps / G Suite accounts, as the IMAP process will fail. Google keeps all email received in the "inbox" with tags for the status of the email, resulting in very long update times as tens of thousands of emails are checked. We recommend using the Important Mailbox as shown in the image above, and the Sent Mail mailbox. The Important Mailbox contains all email from contacts you have corresponded with in the past. Note that this limitation is generally unique to Gmail and Google Apps / G Suite email; other services may be able to use the Inbox folder without an issue.

    7. To scan the mailboxes selected, click the Connect button again.

    8. Click Save at the upper right of the screen to exit this email account. Upon exit ONTRAPORT will scan the mailboxes indicated. 

    9. Add additional email accounts by repeating this process.


    Testing the IMAP Settings

    Send an email from your connected email account to one of your contacts. Return to Administration > IMAP Settings and click the Connect button. Click Save to exit the IMAP Settings for the account and ONTRAPORT will scan the inbox and outbox of that server. 

    sync IMAP settings


    Every 12 hours IMAP Settings will update the Contact Records automatically. To initiate a manual scan, return to the IMAP setting and click the Connect button.



    • When connecting to your email service, remain logged in and watch for an authorization pop-up message. Gmail and others require approval to allow IMAP connections from ONTRAPORT.

    • Email services limit the number and frequency of IMAP connections. IMAP connections are checked every 12 hours. Allow time for a new message to be retrieved and inserted into the Contact's CONTACT HISTORY section.

    • For Gmail, we will no longer be scanning the inbox. Rather, we will be scanning specific Labels that are specified as the "Mailboxes" in ONTRAPORT. We recommend using the Important Mailbox as shown in step 5 under Configure the IMAP Settings in ONTRAPORT above.
    • For Gmail or Google Apps email, an error message that indicates ONTRAPORT cannot authenticate the IMAP server can be resolved by following the steps in the Google Troubleshooter and the Example Email Setup: Gmail section above.
    • An error message specifying that an Application-specific password is required indicates your account requires two factor authentication. For Gmail or Google Apps, check with the account administrator or visit Sign in Using App Passwords if you have administrator privileges.. 


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