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    Stop a Scheduled Email Broadcast

    About Stopping Broadcasts

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    When you schedule an email broadcast in ONTRAPORT- meaning you manually send an email from within your Contacts Collection - the scheduled email that you set to send (either immediately or at a later time/date) pops up in your Queued Messages subcollection found in the Settings menu. Here you can check the status of any scheduled sends, the number of recipients and the scheduled delivery time and date. More importantly, this is where you cancel email sends altogether.

    Common reasons for cancelling a scheduled email

    • Your content wasn’t ready or hasn’t been reviewed
    • You’re sending an email to the wrong contacts
    • The links in your email weren’t ready
    • You’re sending the wrong email
    • You accidentally scheduled the same email twice (or more)

    How to Cancel a Scheduled Email Broadcast

    1. Go to Settings > Scheduled Broadcasts

    2. Select the broadcast you wish to cancel

    3. Select Cancel in the Actions drawer

    4. Click OK

    Other Important Facts

    • If you ever suspect that an error has occurred while sending out an immediate email broadcast, do not attempt to send the email a second time until you’ve confirmed that the first attempt either went through or was erroneous. You can verify a send by checking the Contact Log of any of the recipients of your broadcast email or by contacting customer support.
    • You can only cancel an email broadcast that hasn’t yet processed. If you think you’ve scheduled or sent an email erroneously or prematurely, cancel it here immediately.

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