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    Adding / Removing Users



    A User is a unique login ID with access to your ONTRAPORT account. Adding a user grants login access to other members of your team. After you’ve created roles with set permissions (as stated in the prerequisites), you’ll enter in the required info for a new user, then indicate their role, and to whom they report. This affects what portions of the account they’re able to view/access as well as what actions they can perform. That way your account data stays in the right hands.


    Once a User is created, you’ll be able to assign them to contacts, Tasks, Fulfillment Lists as well as send notifications with them as the sender. Should you need to remove a user, you can do so in the same area as where you add one, at which point you’ll be given the opportunity to indicate who their subordinates will report to from here on out.


    Adding a new staff member requires an additional $47 per/month. The new charges (including the remaining days in this month) will be reflected on your next bill. Immediately after a user is added, the new user will be sent an email notifying them of their account access and delivering their login credentials.

    How to Add a User

    1. Go to Manage Users

    2. Click the New User button

    3. Click Agree

    4. Fill in the required fields in the ‘Contact Information’ section. They are as follows:

      1. First Name

      2. Last Name

      3. Email
    5. Fill in the required fields in the ‘Email Information’ section. They are as follows:

      1. Email ‘From’ Name

        1. This field indicates what this user’s name looks like on manually sent or automated emails sent from ONTRAPORT on the user’s behalf.

      2. Reply-To Email

        1. This is the email address the user will use to login to ONTRAPORT as well as where the user will receive reply emails from contacts.

    6. Fill in the required fields in the ‘User Details’ section

      1. Role

        1. The role of a user determines the user’s access and actions permissions.

      2. Manager

        1. Establish the hierarchy of your team in ONTRAPORT by selecting a manager for your new user.

    7. Fill in the required fields in the ‘Password & Misc.’ section. They are as follows:

      1. Password

      2. Password Confirm

    8. Edit the new User's Permission Exceptions (if any)
    9. Fill in any other fields you wish to populate

    10. Click Save

    How to Delete a User

    1. Go to Manage Users

    2. Select a user by checking the box to the left of their name

    3. Click the Actions button

    4. Click Delete User

    Important Facts

    • After creating a user, you can always return and edit user info fields including user permission exceptions.

    • All field info in a user’s profile can be used as merge fields on emails, landing pages, and postcards.

    • When you create staff custom fields, they appear in the Manage Users area for you to populate with data.

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