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    Tasks Overview


    A Task is a prompt or reminder for someone on your team to perform a non-automated action such as a phone call to a lead or a follow-up discussion with a co-worker. Tasks Outcomes can be selected by your team member to trigger an automated response. 


    Tasks are created in the Messages collection, as a Task Step in a Sequence, or directly in a Contact's Record. The Task appears in the Contact Record and in the Tasks collection where you can sort Tasks based on assignee and other criteria.

    What is a Task Outcome?

    When your team member has completed the Task, they choose one of the Task Outcomes you have configured. Task Outcomes use the same format and choices as Rules. You can have the Outcome act on the Contact Record to change the value of a field, add a Tag, subscribe the Contact to a Sequence, etc.


    For example, a Task directing a team member to call and offer a new product named "Biz Builder" to a Contact might have several possible Outcomes, including "No further action" (no action taken):

    • Interested, but needs more time - This Outcome adds the Contact to the "Biz Builder Prospect Follow Up" Step Sequence.

    • Not interested - This Outcome adds a Tag named "Biz Builder: no" to the Contact and removes them from any "Biz Builder" sequences.

    • Left a message - This Outcome adds the Contact to a Sequence that creates another Task for a follow up call the next week.

    • No answer - This Outcome adds the Contact to the same sequence as above, prompting a Task for a follow up call the next week.

    • No further action - ONTRAPORT requires a Task Outcome to be selected. You can create one that has no "Then Do This" action.  Show / Hide

      task outcome


    How to Create a Task

    Tasks are created in the Messages collection, however, you can create new Tasks on the fly from within Sequences, Rules, Smart Forms or the contact record of a particular contact.


    1. Go to the Messages collection

    2. Click the New Message button  Show / Hide

      New Message button

    3. Click Create New in the Tasks icon Show / Hide

      create tasks

    4. Name your Task with a specific, descriptive name for easier selection later

    5. Enter the Task Subject. This appears in the Subject line in the Task notification emails.

    6. Designate a Due Date for the Task to be completed X days after it is assigned

    7. Select an Assignee for this Task

    8. Type out your Task instructions in the message body. Merge fields will populate with the Contact's information so your task assignee does not have to log in and open the Contact Record. Insert merge fields such as First Name, Last Name, Email, and Office Phone or any other merge field necessary. Show / Hide

      merge fields in Tasks

    9. Set Notifications

      1. Click + Add New Notification 

      2. Select to whom, when, and how the task notification will be sent   Show / Hide

        Tasks notification

      3. You can send a notification to the Task Assignee using "When Task is Assigned" unless you prefer that the assignee log in to ONTRAPORT in order to view their tasks

    10. Set Task Outcomes (optional)

      1. Click + Add New   

      2. Create an Outcome Name

        1. Open the Select OUTCOME NAME... dropdown menu

        2. Click Create New Outcome  Show / Hide

          add new task outcome

        3. Type in the name of the outcome 

      3. Select a rule condition to your task outcome under And this is true: (optional) 

      4. Select an action for your task outcome to trigger from the Then do this: dropdown menu 

      5. Save the rule

      6. Add as many task outcomes as you need for this particular Task

    11. Select a form to be filled out on task completion (optional). The form can update the Contact Record without your task assignee logging into ONTRAPORT.  Show / Hide

      include form to complete task

    12. Save the task


    How to Add a Created Task to Contacts


    • Go to the Contacts collection  Show / Hide

      Contacts collection

    • Select the Contact(s) you wish to add the Task to; the Actions menu will appear


    • Click Task

    • Select the Task from the Assign Task menu, or create a new Task from this screen

      select or create Task in Contacts collection


    How to Trigger an Automated Task

    Once you’ve created a Task, you can set it to trigger automatically for your Contacts from a number of places in ONTRAPORT.


    Create a Rule that automatically triggers a Task whenever a contact performs any action that you specify.


    Add a Task Step to a Sequence that triggers a Task for any Contact who is added to that Sequence.

    Smart Forms

    Add a Rule to your Smart Form that triggers a Task for any Contact who fills it out.


    How to Complete a Task

    A task can be marked complete through one of the following channels:

    • In the Tasks collection (see below)

    • In a task notification email/sms

    • In the Task Manager of an individual contact’s record that a task has been triggered/created for


    Managing Tasks in the Tasks Collection

    The tasks collection is where all the created or triggered tasks in your account will show up. Here you can view, manage, and perform various actions on incomplete tasks as well as view and manage all completed tasks.

    Actions you can take on your tasksShow / Hide

    Task Actions

    • Mark Complete - complete the task and select an outcome (if applicable)

    • Email - send a task notification email to someone regarding this task

    • Re-assign - re-assign this task to another user in your account

    • Reschedule - update the due date of this task

    • Cancel - delete this task

    Other things you can do here

    • Show Tasks drop down - display tasks by due date. Hide all of the completed tasks by selecting All Incomplete.

    • Assigned To drop down - choose Tasks assigned to you, another team member, or all members of your team  Show / Hide

      show tasks and assigned to drop downs

    • Create groups - by clicking the Manage Groups button, you can create groups of tasks based on a number of criteria such as assignee, outcome, status, and more for ideal organization.  Show / Hide

      Task Groups

    How to Edit Task Outcomes

    Task Outcomes are edited in the Contacts > Messages collection. Select the Task for editing. See How to Create a Task, Step 10 for step by step instructions on Task Outcomes.



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    • Avatar
      Lisa Mee

      where do you edit the task outcomes?

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Task outcomes can be edited by going to Contacts > Messages and selecting the task you need to make changes to. Once in the editor, you can add/remove outcomes in the Task Outcomes section.




    • Avatar
      Tama Kieves

      Task DUE DATE question: when it says X Days after Assignment: is the Date we are ADDING the Task to the Contact Record considered to be the Assignment Date??  FYI: This is rather confusing, and it would be MUCH more helpful to have a calendar option from which to actually CHOOSE the ACTUAL DUE DATTE.  Thank you.

    • Avatar
      Sophie Angelina Grenier

      How can I delete a task?

    • Avatar
      Jack Bosch

      How do I edit a task template that was created in a Rule?

    • Avatar
      Jack Bosch

      Never mind I found it under Messages :)

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