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    SpamAssassin Tool

    About the SpamAssassin Tool

    The ONTRAPORT HTML Email and ONTRAmail editors are equipped and integrated with SpamAssassin spam scoring. This program works as an email spam filter and uses sophisticated spam detection techniques to scan your emails before they go out. Notes point out aspects of your emails that may universally be considered spam by email and internet service providers. The higher the amount of spammy or questionable content, the higher the spam score.

    Note: Messages with a spam score of 5 or more will not be sent by ONTRAPORT.

    How to Use the SpamAssassin Tool

    Score Your Email

    Write your email in the ONTRAmail or HTML Email Builder.

    In ONTRAmail:

    1. Click Settings.

      Settings button on the navigation bar
    2. Scroll down to see the Spam Score.
    3. Click the round arrow circle icon to regenerated the score.

      Spam score in ONTRAmail settings

    In the HTML Email builder:

    1. Click Spam Score

    2. A window with your spam score results will pop up. Take note of your results and make adjustments if necessary.

    Read Your Spam Score


    What Does My Spam Score Mean?

    The lower your spam score the better. ONTRAPORT won’t send any emails with a score of 5 or higher. Anything above that runs a high risk of delivery issues and filtering of your message by ISPs. That isn’t to say that an email with a spam score of 5 or below is guaranteed not to be filtered everywhere, but it highly reduces the likelihood of any delivery roadblocks.

    Don’t be frustrated if you’ve tried everything to get your score down to 0, it’s not always possible. Check below for some great sources on getting a dignified spam score.

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