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    Importing Contacts: Capitalizing Proper Names


    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    In some cases, you may find your old service had contact names in a mix of formats including all upper or all lower case. ONTRAPORT does not convert these formats upon import, but Excel, Libre Office and Open Office have a formula to do this easily. This article uses screen shots from the free Libre Office spreadsheet program that is nearly identical to Excel and Open Office.

    Capitalizing Proper Names

    1. Add a column next to the column containing the names to be reformatted. In this example we'll add a new column that becomes column B. In column B, cell number 2, type the formula =PROPER(A2):

    2. Press ENTER to see the name properly capitalized. Hover over the cell to expose the small black square in the lower right corner, click and drag it to copy the formula to the bottom of the column.

    3. Release the black square to copy the formula to the rest of the cells.
    4. Next, we will change these cells to contain just the name, and not the formula. Right click the column heading B and select Copy.

    5. Right click the column again and select Paste Special (or Paste as Text)

    6. In Excel, the choose the Paste 123 icon

    7. Approve pasting the data as text or values in the dialog that pops up.

    8. Approve any existing warnings about overwriting the data. When finished, check to see that the formula bar contains just the name and not the formula when you click on a displayed name in column B.

    9. When satisfied that column B contains only the names, and not the formula, delete column A.

    In some cases you will want to keep the original data format. ONTRAPORT also provides the ability to change the capitalization when using merge fields without changing the underlying data. See Formatting Merge Fields for more information.

    After import, ONTRAPORT will keep a copy of your uploaded CSV file in Contacts > Settings > Import Contacts. This copy is discarded after 60 days. Archive a copy on your local computer if you want to keep a permanent copy.

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